New communication policy will keep everyone on same page, says Crawley

By Mark Squibb / September 1, 2023

The Town of Holyrood has recently taken a look at how staff communicate both in-house and with residents.

Councillor Laura Crawley took a moment during last week’s public meeting to remind her colleagues that, as per the Town’s new internal communications policy, acting CEO Marjorie Gibbons must be copied on all internal communications.

Crawley said the policy ensures that staff are on the same page.

The Town has also begun working on an external communications plan, which will include a new permit process.

“We’re going to look at getting a draft of a form available that will collect your information and will direct you to the department that it fits under, the timestamp of when it came in, what’s required of the permit,” said Crawley. “That way, all the directors and all staff will have access to that information, and so it would be held in a combined spread sheet. So, we can see who’s seen it, who’s acting on it, and what’s been done on it and if it’s gone back to the resident.”

Crawley said staff have been in touch with other communities to see what external communication plans they have implemented.

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