Landscaper told to cease operations

By Craig Westcott / August 18, 2023

Carbonear council was forced to bring the hammer down twice Tuesday, first on a resident who built an extension on his home without a permit, and in the second instance on a landscaping business that is operating without the Town’s blessing.

Councillor Chris O’Grady, who was filling in for an absent Danielle Doyle as chairperson of the development committee, made the motion to order the owner of a property on Forest Road to cease construction and to remove an extension that has been erected.

The property owner has to comply within 14 days of receiving the order.

The motion was seconded by councillor Ray Noel and passed unanimously aside from the absent Doyle and Deputy Mayor Sam Slade, who was also absent from Tuesday’s meeting.

Public works committee chairman Noel was tasked with seeking a cease-and-desist order for the property at 45 James Avenue.

Noel noted the property is being used for the carrying on of commercial operations, namely the “storage, repair and operation of tractors, machinery, commercial motors, vehicles and other equipment related to the conduct of the business of landscaping and excavation” without a permit.

Under the order, the business must cease operations on the property and all the vehicles being used there for commercial purposes have to be removed. 

Councillor Malcolm Seymour seconded Noel’s motion, which also passed unanimously.

On a more positive note, council did approve a number of applications including for a shed at 150 High Road South, a home office for a plumbing business at 11 Circular Road, a nail salon at 196 Water Street, and an extension to a deck at 10 Irishtown Road. The permit for the home-based plumbing business, however, is conditional on the application meeting with no disapproval from the public when it is advertised publicly by the Town as a discretionary use.

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