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Author’s Night

Authors Tom Dawe, Kenneth Pieroway, and Ida Linehan Young participated in an Author’s Night at St. Peter’s Church in Upper Gullies this past Thursday. A sizeable crowd of a few dozen folks turned out for the event. The authors read from their works and answered audience questions. The three creative talents represent a wide range of genres and styles. Former Poet Laureate, Member of the Order of Canada, and Officer of the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador Tom Dawe is well known for his poetry and children’s’ stories; Kenneth Pieroway is known for his books on the Newfoundland railway, including his most recent, the coffee table book Trains of Newfoundland. Ida Linehan Young, meanwhile, is known for her historical fiction novels as well as non-fiction books based on tragedies that her own family had endured, including No Turning Back: Surviving the Linehan Family Tragedy, which is Linehan Young’s account of a tragic house fire that claimed the lives of five of her siblings and left her fighting for her life at the Health Sciences Centre. That Linehan Young recovered has been called nothing short of a miracle. From left to right are Susan Bonnell, who moderated the event, Tom Dawe, Kenneth Pieroway, and Ida Linehan Young. Town of CBS Photo

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