Paradise approves costly snowblower repairs

By Mark Squibb / August 11, 2023

Paradise council last week approved repairs for one of the Town’s snow blowers.

Councillor Patrick Martin explained that the loader, Unit 86, is a 2013 front-end loader that was recently brought to the local dealership for a full maintenance inspection.

The inspection identified that a number of extensive repairs were required and that the fan belt, steering system, hydraulic system, light system and more needed to be fixed.

The repairs, said Martin, should extend the life of the vehicle by three to five years. He added the unit is one of the Town’s biggest pieces of snow clearing equipment.

The dealership estimated the cost of repairs at $43,150, inclusive of HST.

Council unanimously approved the repairs.

Including this most recent set of repairs, council has approved roughly $146,930 in vehicle repairs since April.

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