It’s a water plan, not a ban: Goobie

By Mark Squibb // August 4, 2023

The Town of Holyrood is not under a water ban.

Mayor Gary Goobie, who said several residents in recent weeks have asked him if that were the case, took a few moments during last week’s public meeting to clarify the matter and explain the difference between a water ban and water conservation.

“The Conservation Plan is implemented every summer to promote environmental stewardship in our community,” said Goobie. “It’s a means of encouraging homeowners to conserve and use water wisely – but has no mandatory restrictions.”

A water ban, said Goobie, is implemented when the water level in the town’s water tank becomes depleted to the point where sustainability is jeopardized.

“This usually happens when we encounter a major waterline leak, excessive water usage, experience a significant problem with one or more community wells, or a combination of these happening all at once,” said Goobie. “During a water ban, restrictions are put in place and are mandatory. The more we keep our tank levels in normal operating condition, the better positioned we are at dealing with any possible leaks, or other unforeseen problems that could arise at anytime.”

Goobie thanked residents for complying with the conservation plan and added the water tank and community wells have remained at acceptable levels throughout the summer.

The Town has had to implement water bans the last number of years due both to dry spells and leaks in the system.

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