Holyrood faced with tenders coming in higher than budget

By Mark Squibb / August 4, 2023

It’s a well-known fact everything is more expensive than it once was, and Holyrood councillor Steve Winsor had two more instances of it last week when he informed his fellow councillors that two public works tenders recently came in over budget.

One was for the construction of a new water tank.

“The bids that came in were inclusive of mechanical outfitting and civil works and had a very high dollar figure, $4 million, which is a lot more than anticipated,” said Winsor.

Only one company bid on the work, and staff now hope to tender the mechanical and civil work separately.

“You’ll get more bids that way, and hopefully a more cost-effective solution,” said Winsor.

Staff hope to begin ground preparation in the spring of 2024.

Meanwhile, a much less costly tender also came in over budget.

The Town had earmarked $10,000 to complete ditching in several places throughout the community, and staff recently requested proposals from contractors interested in doing the work.

But Winsor said both bids which the Town received were higher than the budget for the project.

Winsor said the public works committee will make a recommendation to approve the lowest bid on a ‘cost-per-metre basis,’ and so complete as much work as the budget will allow.

“And we would continue those ditching projects into the next fiscal year,” added Winsor, noting council recognises the importance in getting the job done.

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