Harbour Grace approves multiple road upgrades

By Mark Squibb / August 4, 2023

The Town of Harbour Grace will be using federal government gas tax funds to upgrade several roads around town.

The Public Works committee met with staff earlier this month to discuss which roads should be given the priority, and capital and public works committee chairperson Deputy Mayor Keith Skinner, who said the Town had roughly $144,000 in gas tax money to spend, brought forward the list of roads and associated work for approval during the July 17 public meeting.

Work to be done includes paving and upgrading of Rogers Lane along with water and sewer repairs at a cost of $28,331; repaving of Cathedral Street at a cost of $28,463; leveling of Old Water Street Road with a budget of $11,080; and the resurfacing of Water Street from the Conception Bay Museum to Cathedral Street at a cost of $49,495.

All told, the work will come to $117,369, with $22,631 in gas tax funds left over.

“And in October, there’ll be another $70,000, approximately, coming, so then we can look at other projects to be considered,” added Skinner.

Mayor Don Coombs said the decisions on which roads to attend to are based on road maintenance costs.

Council unanimously approved the work.

The resurfacing of Water Street, noted Skinner, will be later used to leverage more federal funding for the nearby trail system.

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