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How to fix the traffic mess at Dunns Hill Road

July 28, 2023

This is my first letter to the editor, but I felt I had to comment on the mess concerning the traffic that uses Dunns Hill Road and the Conception Highway.

I have been a resident of Dunns Hill Road for almost 40 years. In my opinion the people who did the report and suggested the arrangement that is there now have never lived on Dunns Hill Road. The problem has always been the lack of visibility trying to get on to the Conception Bay Highway because you cannot see around the corner to the west.

Turning on to Dunns Hill Road from the CBS Highway is not a problem because you can see around the turn from that direction.

What is there now only solves half of the problem. The easy solution is to make Dunns Hill Road a one way street from the CBS Highway to All Saints Road. Only traffic entering Dunns Hill Road from CBS Highway would be allowed. No traffic would be allowed to exit from Dunns Hill Road at all.

That is how most other cities and towns solve this problem. Get rid of that junk there now and put up signs for the one way street. Don’t make it more complicated or expensive than it has to be.

Stephen Irving,

Dunns Hill Road

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