Holyrood approves food truck, but with long list of conditions

By Mark Squibb / July 28, 2023

Holyrood council this week approved a request for a new food truck to operate along North Side Road, but the proprietor will have to abide by a hefty number of conditions.

The applicant, who plans to set up shop about 160 feet from the floating dock, must leave space for boat owners to park, and all picnic tables and garbage bins must be placed south of the truck so as to not interfere with parking. To that end, the Town will not supply garbage bins or tables nor collect garbage from the site, as per the conditions, nor will there be any grading of, or maintaining of the area while the truck is there.

Furthermore, the applicant must also use some means, such as signage or pylons, to alert drivers that folks may be along the roadside.

In addition, Town staff will inspect the site before and after set-up, and the applicant will be held responsible for any remediation work staff deem necessary.

The applicant must also provide a vehicle inspection slip and any applicable permits and/or approvals from the provincial government.

Mayor Gary Goobie added that should the Town recognise any safety issues, or receive complaints from residents, staff will investigate the matter.

Deputy Mayor Michelle Woodford noted that staff were not sure how long the truck will be set up, but that roadside vendor permits are only good for a year and then need to be renewed.

The motion to issue the permit passed unanimously.

There was no mention of what food the vendor will be selling, so curious folks will have to check the fare out for themselves once the truck sets up shop.

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