Holyrood scores a baker’s dozen of federal job grants

By Craig Westcott \ May 12, 2023

The Town of Holyrood will enjoy lots of help this year running its summer recreation programs.

According to numbers released by Deputy Mayor Michelle Woodford last week, the Town will benefit from three sets of federal funding programs which will cover varying levels of each student’s wages.

In one program, six students were approved for 35 hours of work each for eight weeks for a total of $12,180. That works out to a subsidy of $7.25 per hour, per student with the Town making up the difference to meet the Province’s minimum wage requirements.

“Recreation has been approved for six students for 35 hours a week for eight weeks and totals $27,799,” Woodford added, referring to a separate program.

That works out to a subsidy of $16.55 per student, per hour.

“And the Marina is approved for one student for 35 hours (a week) for eight weeks for a total of $4,633,” she said.

Woodford thanked the Town’s economic development officer Marjorie Gibbons for submitting the applications.

“So, we can move ahead with our recreation this summer,” Woodford said.

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