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Doyle urges Carbonear council to make another push to sell Banker’s Pub

By Mark Squibb \ April 28, 2023

Carbonear councillor Danielle Doyle says the Town should be doing more to sell the Banker’s Pub.

Doyle raised the issue during this week’s public council meeting.

“We posted the expressions of interest for the Baker’s Pub on our website, and it’s been sent to commercial real estate agents, however, I do think we need to put some signage on it, saying that it is for sale, and to please contact the appropriate personnel at the Town of Carbonear,” said the councillor.

She also suggested the Town advertise the property via its social media channels — and often.

“We shouldn’t post it just one time on our social media and be done with it,” said Doyle. “We need to post it bi-weekly until it sells.”

Deputy Mayor Sam Slade agreed with Doyle’s suggestions, although no official vote regarding the matter was cast.

The Town acquired the property during a tax auction on August 3 of 2021.

In October of that year, the Town, following its acquisition of the building, hired an engineering firm at a cost of $2,450, HST included, to conduct a visual assessment of the structure before opening it for public viewing.

Only one company, DBS Consulting Engineers Ltd., bid on the work, and though there was attempts to reach other companies and talk of holding another call for proposals to attract more bidders to ensure competitive pricing, the Town awarded the contract to the sole bidder.

Following an inspection, the Town published an RFP for the sale of the building on February 1, 2022.

“The Town is seeking proposals for the purchase and development of 190 Water Street,” read the RFP. “This site offers a unique location for renovation of the existing structure. Given this site is in the Waterfront Heritage District, this site holds potential for many opportunities. This Town is pleased to receive proposals for the subject property.”

The Town received no submissions on the property, and this past November, council voted to put the Banker’s Pub back on the open market.

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