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Paradise agrees to extra charges by Modern Paving and Pinnacle Construction

By Mark Squibb/February 3, 2023

Paradise council approved two change orders to Phase 4 of the Paradise Road project last week.

Infrastructure and Engineering Committee chairperson councillor Deborah Quilty brought forward the two motions.

“During phase 4 of Paradise Road Upgrades, there was construction of a storm sewer outfall through civic number 376 Paradise Road,” said Quilty. “An easement to the property was obtained, and work on the contract (was done) including reinstatement of the landscaping. Once topsoil was installed, the resident at 376 Paradise Road contacted the Town to advise that as the land was farmland, a certain mix of topsoil was required, as opposed to the standard topsoil placed.”

That topsoil, Triple Mix, which is a combination of peat moss, compost, and topsoil, was not specified in the contract, and the contractor, Modern Paving Ltd., thus had to supply and install the mix itself.

The change order came to $28,450, HST included to remove the topsoil and replace it with the Triple Mix to a depth of 300 millimetres.

“The change order was brought to the June 16, 2021 committee meeting, where staff were asked to get more prices,” said Quilty. “More favourable prices could not be found, and in order to avoid further losses due to a lost growing season, staff advised the contractor to proceed with the Triple Mix. Council was notified on June 14, 2021, with the expectation that the change order would follow.”

Council also approved an engineering change order on the project to accommodate an additional 26 working days above the 202 days approved for Pinnacle Engineering.

“The change order includes hours of site inspection and 55.5 hours of additional contract administration time by the consultant,” said Quilty.

The total cost for that change order was $18,490, HST included.

There was sufficient budget remaining in the contract to cover both change orders, and an increase to the total contract amount was not required.

Both change orders were approved unanimously.

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