Paradise council makes Top Pond trail a top of mind project

By Mark Squibb/November 25, 2022

Paradise council has unanimously agreed to begin upgrades to Top Pond Trail in Paradise.

“The Recreation Open Space Elizabeth Park Refresh, presented to council in February of 2022, identified the construction of a trail and amenities around Top Pond as a number one priority,” said councillor Larry Vaters during last week’s meeting. “The report identified 300 metres of granular trail along the southern shoreline of Top Pond, with the remainder of the trail around Top Pond consisting of a wooden boardwalk, bridge, as well as other amenities.”

The Town received an estimate of $78,130 from the Grand Concourse Authority to construct the 300 metres of trail.

“This granular trail would be constructed to the Grand Concourse Authority Standards, like the upgrades completed this year to the Elizabeth Park Central Trail,” said Vaters.

The trail will start on Stephanie Avenue adjacent to civic number 34, and end at the property boundaries of numbers 7 and 9 Stephanie Avenue.

Vaters recommended council award the construction contract to the Grand Concourse Authority as per the terms of the Town’s membership, noting that $100,000 had been budgeted for the work.

The other portions of the trail, including a bridge, connection to Stephanie Avenue, and the boardwalk around Top Pond, will be budgeted at a later time.

The Grand Concourse Authority has estimated a total project cost of $565,000.

Councillor Glen Carew had a question not about the actual construction, but the pond’s name.

“Is it actually called Top Pond?” asked Carew, which elicited a laugh from other members of council, including mayor Dan Bobbett who said he had been wondering the same thing.

Carew said, that aside from being curious himself, he had a call from a resident who lives nearby the so-called Top Pond wondering where Top Pond was.

“I didn’t know if that was the formal name on it, or something we’re calling it because it’s on the top of Elizabeth Park,” said Carew.

Bobbett said he didn’t know for sure whether the pond had an official name or whether it had been named so out of convenience.

Director of Infrastructure and Engineering Chris Milley said the pond was dubbed as Top Pond to distinguish it from another pond in the area.

Council seemed agreeable to the idea of possibly naming the pond in the future, and maybe letting some of Paradise’s youth in on the naming process.

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