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Topsail highway not safe for pedestrians

Dear Editor:

I heard the mayor discussing the hazard to motorists on the turn just east of the post office in Topsail.

He noted that the work installing the sidewalk on the north side of route 60 in this area is delayed. But the lanes have been narrowed in this area and motorists may not be aware of this. He urged caution for those who either attended the meeting or watched it on YouTube.

I have some notes on this :

(1) This turn has dangerous visibility anyway – i.e., sight distance – is only 60m or less. 125m is required for the Miller’s Rd intersection adjacent to it.

(2) The hazard is increased because the south side of the Turn has been neglected. Trees have not been trimmed or even the grass cut. The gutter has been neglected to the point debris is extending out to the lane and sods growing into the pavement.

(3) Both my mother’s family who lived next to this turn and myself in the last 20 years (40 years in total ) has lobbied to the point of pleading to the Department of Transportation to clean this up.

(4) Most recently the Minister responsible for the highway thinks cleaning the gutter out is the Town’s problem since he considers the paved gutter a sidewalk. He says he cannot cut into the bank because the owner may not like it. But still the owner will not even cut the grass. (See pic attached).

The Province owns 10m from the centre of the pavement. So, who is responsible for the hazard – the Province, the Town or the property owner or just the car drivers insurance.

(5) It looks so ridiculous that while the new sidewalk is being installed on one side of the highway the opposite is so neglected that it cannot safely be used by pedestrians – including school children – even as a temporary route.”

Peter Shapter


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