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Contractor asked to do something about dangerous cut in road at Topsail

By Craig Westcott/November 4, 2022

CBS Town staff are in the process of contacting Dexter Construction, the contractor responsible for installing sidewalks alongside the main road in Topsail, to see if something can be done about the dangerous state of the road between the Post Office and Mainsail Drive.

The asphalt on part of the west bound lane on Route 60 has been torn up along a long strip narrowing the road to about a lane and a half with oncoming traffic meeting both ways. In one area, a deep hole has been dug into the outside half of the lane making the lane even narrower. The hole is separated from traffic by a small wire fence. A dim caution reflector, or light is erected at that spot, but any traffic moving at regular speed and meeting at that point, which is also near a sharp turn, has to come to an unexpected and abrupt halt at times in order not to collide.

The situation has been going on for about two weeks.

Mayor Darrin Bent used the occasion of Tuesday’s council meeting to acknowledge the problem.

“I know we’ve heard some comments about roadwork and slowdowns and that kind of thing,” said the mayor. “There is still one area that is of concern and that’s the sidewalk work in Topsail. That’s been delayed a bit. there have been a couple of issues that they have up there and what people are finding at nighttime is that they come upon it a bit abruptly and the cut in the road is over towards the centre of one lane and it makes it a little bit difficult. I just want everyone to know that our engineering department has reached out to the contractor to try to get that situation mitigated a bit. It is a little difficult. I’ve come up on it myself a few times. Once you done it once, you know it’s there and you kind of look for it. But if you don’t know it’s there, you might be surprised at how far you’ve got to get over in the other lane. So hopefully we can see something a little better down there going forward.”

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