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More multi units for Paradise…subject to conditions

By Mark Squibb/September 2, 2022

Paradise council approved a number of residential construction permits during the August 16 public meeting, including one for work that had been formerly denied by council.

An applicant had applied to convert a two-unit dwelling at 1 Ellesmere Avenue to a three-unit dwelling, which council approved unanimously subject to 12 conditions. The application had been denied by council back in April due in part to the 13 objections the Town received from neighbours following the advertising of a discretionary notice. Prior to that, the matter had been broached during a Planning and Protective Services Committee meeting in February. At that time, the committee recommended advertising the notice of Discretionary Use and returning to committee for further discussion.

There was some discussion this time as to how the application differed from the first one.

Council also unanimously approved an application to convert a two-unit dwelling at 1 Gillian Place into a three-unit dwelling. Council approved the application, subject to 13 conditions.

A motion to approve a request from a resident along Balsomwood Road to construct a wharf and boathouse, subject to no objections being received following publication of a Discretionary Use Notice, and adherence to 18 conditions, was approved unanimously by council. If objections are received, the application will return to the Planning committee and to council for a decision.

The boathouse would be within the applicant’s residential property, but the wharf would be on Crown Land.

Council also unanimously approved an application to construct an accessory building with a floor area of 127 square metres and a height of 4.5 metres at a home on Stokes Road, subject to 13 conditions and no objections being received to a Discretionary Notice.

“The applicant will be purchasing the property and has permission from the current property owner to apply for the accessory building,” explained Deputy Mayor Kimberley Street.

Council also ordered a resident on Gosse’s Road to cut the grass.

“This order is concerning property maintenance, as vegetation needs to be trimmed,” explained Street. Council unanimously confirmed the order for the homeowner to do the landscaping work.

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