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Harbour Grace hoping to see new pavement for important artery

By Craig Westcott/July 22, 2022

Harbour Grace council is hoping to piggyback the upgrade of an important feeder road, Jamie’s Way, onto the contract for the phase 5 rehabilitation of Harvey Street.

“We were talking to our MHA, Pam Parsons, and we’re going to write the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Mr. Elvis Loveless, and we’re going to cc it to (Transportation officials) Mr. Paul Baldwin and Mr. Coady Grandy to have this section of road repaved to be included with the paving of the Harvey Street phase 5 contract in this construction season,” Deputy Mayor Keith Skinner advised his colleagues at this past Monday’s council meeting.

Councillor Gordon Stone seconded the motion.

Mayor Don Coombs allowed the current state of Jamie’s Way is “terrible.”

“It’s certainly an addition that’s needed in our town right now as we move forward with what I think is over $10 million worth of work that we’re doing this year,” Coombs added. “And Jamie’s Way is going to be the way for 50 per cent of the people who come into our town, so it’s important that it gets done.”

Skinner’s motion carried unanimously.

In other public works news, the deputy mayor reported the culverts that were on order for Bear’s Cove have arrived and the tender for their installation will be out within a week or so.

That’s not the only work scheduled this summer. Tourism and heritage committee chairman Randy Wrice reported that a tender for improvements to the Hard Path has been awarded to Concorde Paving Ltd. in the amount of $104,351. Storm sewer installation and upgrading of Tarrant’s Hill, meanwhile, will begin August 1. Shaw Ventures Company Ltd. was the successful bidder for that project at a price of $99,498.

And in business and economic development committee news, councillor Gordon Stone told council it has received an offered from Ducks Unlimited to partner with the Town on a program for the estuary and wetlands around Bannerman Lake and Long Pond River.

“We hope to improve citizen and visitor experiences in the area through a detailed program of birdwatching, regular cleaning of the zone, and other activities,” Stone said.

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