Paradise greenlights crosswalk for T’railway users on busy Karwood crosswalk

By Mark Squibb/June 9, 2022

The Town of Paradise voted unanimously this week to award the Karwood crosswalk construction contract to Modern Paving Inc., one of three eligible tenders received, at a cost of $76,980, HST included.

The cost comes slightly over the $75,000 allocated in the budget.

“The purpose of this project is to provide a crosswalk for T’railway users along Karwood Drive,” explained Infrastructure and Engineering committee chairperson Deborah Quilty. “The intersection of Topsail Road and Karwood Drive is nearby but users of the T’railway tend to cross Karwood Drive at the T’railway.”

The project includes construction of a concrete median in the middle of Karwood Drive at the T’railway crossing, which Quilty said would provide a safe refuge for trail users, along with two rapid flashing beacons, one installed on either side of the crosswalk, and signage.

The project also includes replacing a section of sidewalk on each approach for greater accessibility.

Councilors all around the table voiced their approval of the project.

“This is going to be a welcome addition, for sure,” said councillor Glenn Carew. “It’s much needed there and will create a real safe environment for anybody needing to cross.”

Carew then asked if there was a solid construction schedule, as the project could create significant congestion in an already busy roadway. He said that it would be important to keep residents in the loop. Councilor Larry Vaters reiterated that same point again later, that it would be very important to keep residents updated on the construction progress.

Quilty said the start of construction on the new crosswalk, which is just a moment’s drive from Paradise Elementary, was timed to follow the completion of the school season and is expected to be finished before school starts up again in the fall.

“I think it will be a great enhancement,” said Quilty. “It’s certainly a feature that’s long overdue.”

Meanwhile, councillor Patrick Martin, who attended the meeting by telephone, said the issue of the T’railway crossing along Karwood was one of the biggest concerns raised by residents during the last municipal election, so he was glad to see it being addressed by council.

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