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Avondale hopes to shave costs with wood chipper

By Mark Squibb/June 2, 2022

The Town of Avondale, and Avondale Express Trailways Recycling specifically, have $6,580 to put towards the purchase of a new woodchipper thanks to a recent government grant.

Avondale is one of 11 receipts of the 2022 Multi-Materials Stewardship Board’s (MMSB) Community Waste Diversion Fund, totalling $76,960, which were announced last week in Pouch Cove.

The grants are given to support sustainable waste management projects in towns throughout the province.

“Communities play an integral role and MMSB is proud to support communities that share its commitment for a greener future,” Environment Minister Bernard Davis, who is responsible for the MMSB. “Together, we can find sustainable waste management and diversion solutions that protect our environment. We encourage organizations and communities that have innovative ideas to consider applying for funding in the future.”

The woodchipper will be used to divert leaf, yard and wood waste from the landfill by mulching material for use in community gardens and greenspaces.

Other recipients of the grant include the Town of Carbonear, which received $3,470 to put towards the purchase of in-vessel composters that will allow opportunities to divert organic waste through community composting, and the Town of Pouch Cove, which received $9,800 for installation of chilled water bottle filling stations, which council hopes will reduce the number of plastic bottles thrown out.

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