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There were ATVs buzzing along the trestle situated near the Spaniard’s Bay and Bay Robert’s boundary last Friday morning, and among them one commandeered by Director of Protective Services Justin Parsons and Mayor Walter Yetman. Members of council and staff, along with local ATV advocate Adam Hindy, were on hand to officially acknowledge the opening of the new Adventure Tourism Trailway, which was approved by council in a meeting held earlier this month. The trail allows ATVs to drive along Cross Road, Water Street, and Barracks Road to connect with the T’Railway. The creation of the route has been a long time coming, having been debated in council chambers for nigh on two years. The route has been approved on a temporary six-month trial basis. From left to right are Mayor Yetman, councillor Ross Petten, CAO Nigel Black, Parsons, and Hindy. Mark Squibb photo

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