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Time for a wake-up call, says Paradise resident

Dear Editor:

I have been considering writing this article for a while as I realized that it is perhaps time for a wake-up call for the population.

What I am referring to is the situation right now on the Paradise section of the T’railway. This amazing trail is serving the community in wonderful ways for numerous individuals; families with small children, walkers of all ages, runners and cyclists, and enthusiasts who enjoy its health benefits. Need I say more. We love it!

On another note, I have also witnessed daily situations where individual lives are at risk because of the ongoing speed of motorized vehicles using the same trail. It is now a daily occurrence of hearing and seeing dirt bikes and ATVs going at dangerous speeds, sometimes up to 100 km. I have serious concerns for the current safety of our trail users. I have heard of small kids in fear when hearing bikes in the distance, not even mentioning the noise factor in the area which often continues on through the night,

especially on weekends. Elders and wheelchair users are also vulnerable individuals facing this situation during the day.

Are we going to close our eyes to this situation or do something about it in a constructive way? I am aware that teenagers need activities they enjoy. I was a teenager once and recognize the need for thrilling experiences. But is this need at the detriment of the rest of the population? What is the smart answer to this? Perhaps building an actual racetrack dedicated to motorbikes would be one. Are there other ways you can think of?

Since I started writing this article, I read in the recent Shoreline edition of May 12 that there is a serpentine curve project approved by the Town Council in an attempt to slow down motorized vehicles. This is a very good start and I applaud this but what are we going to do in the meantime? I am getting at my wit’s end with this on-going situation and I know many more residents living in the Topsail area are in the same predicament.

Are we going to pay attention to the wake-up call and protect our loved ones?

Jeannine Daigle

Concerned Paradise resident

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