Paradise Zamboni gets new rear end

By Mark Squibb/April 28, 2022

A staple of the hockey arena, the Zamboni is an indispensable piece of equipment. Without the Zamboni to clean and smooth over ice surfaces, you wouldn’t have hockey games or skate meets. In at least one instance, a Zamboni driver has even been called up to the big leagues to mind the net in an emergency, emerging victorious against a certain, unnamed, professional hockey team. (Hint: that team held a training camp at the Paradise Double Ice Complex back in 2019.)

Near the end of February, the Town of Paradise realized that one of the town’s Zambonis was not up to par.

After being assessed, it was determined the side axle needed to be replaced and, after further analysis, that the rear end needed to be replaced.

The cost for parts is $9,800 plus HST, while the cost for shipping and labour is approximately $11,000, for a total cost of $23,000, HST included.

Council unanimously approved the motion through an e-mail poll on March 16, and ratified the motion during last week’s public meeting.

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