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Carbonear’s ‘Mayor for a Day’ has big plans

By Mark Squibb/March 31, 2022

There was a new face in the Carbonear council chamber last week, as council was joined by Carbonear Academy Grade 6 student Nicholas O’Driscoll.

He was declared Carbonear’s Mayor for a Day after his essay, one of 47 submitted by students at the school, was selected as the winning entry in the contest.

O’Driscoll, along with Co-Mayor Frank Butt, opened the March 22 council meeting. He read the Green Shirt Day proclamation and made a motion for council to accept the proclamation. Council accepted it unanimously. O’Driscoll also read his winning essay, which is presented in it’s entirety below.

“If I were Mayor of Carbonear for one day, I would make a way to contact me and suggest some ways to improve the town and the people in it. For example, say if someone wanted the Carbonear Cinema to start to be up and running, I can suggest doing it. Another thing I would do is get a youth community centre. For example, people can go there, play, have fun, and doing that would be a contribution to the community. And finally, the last thing I would do if I were mayor is fix some roads. For example, on Pondside Road, there are a lot of potholes and if we fix them, it can prevent an accident.”

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