Shearstown dog park’s late visitors concern neighbours

By Mark Squibb/March 24, 2022

Members of council say the Shearstown dog park needs to be closed at night.

The topic came up in the previous meeting, with Deputy Mayor Geoff Seymour saying residents in the area were concerned about cars being there at late hours.

“The only thing in regard to that, and the deputy mayor mentioned it to me today, is that the sign does say ‘From dawn till dusk,’” said tourism and development director Ron Delaney. “And that’s fine in the summertime, if the sun is setting going on 9 o’clock.”

Delaney allowed some people use the dog park after dark, regardless of the sign.

“And it’s becoming a major problem for people in the area,” said Delaney. “People are going in there at nine, 10, 11 o’clock at night with their animals and it’s really no place for them to be, I mean, you’re in a residential area.”

Deputy Mayor Seymour said that specified hours need to be stated, as dawn to dusk is too vague, especially given the variation of sunset throughout the year. He suggested adopting the hours according to the season.

There was no agreement on whether to adopt seasonal hours or a set hours of operation, nor what those hours would be, but Delaney said he would take the concerns back to the department and develop some different options for council to consider in the future.

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