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Quilty updates council on engineering activities

By Mark Squibb/March 24, 2022

While there were no recommendations submitted for council’s approval, the Infrastructure and Engineering Committee did have a full agenda from its March meeting to report to the rest of council.

Committee chairperson Deborah Quilty provided the update.

Quilty said two returning items were deferred to the next committee meeting for consideration in the 2022 Annual Street Rehabilitation contract: paving of the turning circle on Benton Place and the addition of flashing crossing lights on St. Thomas Line at Holy Family School.

Other items discussed at the committee that were settled and removed from future agendas included water issues at a Topsail Road property and the Carwood Drive Roundabout. Streetlights on Topsail Road, the water and sewer priority list review, and a water issue on Discovery Crescent will remain on the agenda for further discussion.

Quilty also noted that staff have begun planning resident information sessions for the Evergreen Village project, details of which will be forthcoming.

The committee was also provided with updates on the fence at the Dianne Whalen Soccer Complex, Lift Station N0. 10 and Moonlight Drive water and sewer installation.

The lift station’s elevation and mock plans were discussed at the committee, Quilty said, while the expected start date of water and sewer installation on Moonlight Drive was confirmed as March 21. That work is expected to take 14 weeks, with crews working 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. The town has budgeted $1 million for the annual street rehabilitation program in the 2022 budget.

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