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Doyle calls for return of Carbonear triathlon

By Mark Squibb/March 17, 2022

With public health restricts lifted this week and provincial government going full tilt on funding Come Home Year celebrations in a hope to boost tourism economy, many folks are wondering about just what they should expect to be able to do — or not do— this summer.

At last week’s public council meeting, councilor Danielle Doyle raised the question about the status of a popular summer event — the summer triathlon.

“We haven’t had that for a couple of years now because of COVID, but I would assume that, hopefully, this summer, if we can’t have our regular triathlon that we might be able to, fingers crossed, have a modified one, because I know last year the problem wasn’t with the running or the swimming or the biking, it was with the transition area, like where people were switching over from coming out of the pond to getting on the bikes,” said Doyle.

Recreation Director Rob Button was not in attendance to answer questions directly, but Town CAO Cynthia Davis said so far as she knows, Button is coordinating with different governing bodies about possibly holding the event.

The triathlon starts with a 500-metre swim in Freshwater Pond, followed by an 18-km bike ride through Carbonear, capped off with a five km run.

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