Ayeesha Mekawy and Kaylin Wong of Roncalli Central High’s Green Team recently interviewed a panel of experts on climate change as part of a national project involving eight schools. The ‘Empowering Youth for Climate Change Adaptation Action – Green Jobs Project’ aims to support high school students in preparing for the 21st century workforce by building their knowledge about potential jobs in climate change adaptation. Mekawy and Wong chose tourism as their focus. They interviewed Paul Dinn, co-owner of Adelaide’s Newfoundland Honey farm in the Goulds, Dr. Daniel Scott, a professor with the University of Waterloo, who has worked extensively in the areas of climate change and the global tourism sector, and Marie-Josée Legault, who is the owner of Origin, an award-winning outdoor sport and tourism-focused marketing agency. In preparation for interviewing these climate change experts, the students utilized and enhanced their skills in research and interviewing. The online interview will be shared through Youth Forums, YouTube and social media channels and will also be distributed as an educational resource among career teachers and guidance counselors across Canada.

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