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NATIONAL HERITAGE WEEK—Mary Corbett places her signature as a witness to the Town of Holyrood’s Proclamation of National Heritage Week as Mayor Gary Goobie, centre, and her husband Dominic Corbett, right, who also signed as a witness, look on. The Corbetts are celebrating their 70th anniversary this week. Dominic Corbett served on the Board of Governors of Holyrood before the community was incorporated as a town. “It is a tremendous honour to have them (the Corbetts), and their family members present in the face of the restrictions placed on us by Covid,” said Mayor Goobie. “Their presence and the fact that we are together here hosting this event in a safe manner is a real demonstration of hope; the kind of hope our community has used as a founding pillar. As we move to our official signing, I leave all residents with one final thought – Our heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. We all need to share in that legacy. Reflect on how you fit into promoting and protecting our story and make a pledge to do something – whatever it might be – to ensure our future generations have a legacy to build on.”

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