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CBS enters competition for business growth with release of new video

The town council has taken the old song line ‘You ought to be in pictures’ to heart and has released a new video that aims to attract entrepreneurs to set up shop in Conception Bay South.

Mayor Darrin Bent released the video at Tuesday’s council meeting. It is available on the Town’s youtube site for public viewing.

It features the first-hand experiences of local business owners and showcases the potential of CBS as a place to invest.

“Conception Bay South is poised to be at the centre of industry and development,” said Bent. “With an industry-ready port, significant commercial land potential and a vast workforce, we have a complete offering for businesses.”

CBS has many unique advantages, he added, and the goal is to retain and attract new businesses. “We’ll be investing nearly $1 million in the Economic Development and Tourism Department this year – the most we’ve ever budgeted – to help us achieve our goal,” said Bent.

The town saw 40 new start-ups in 2021, he noted, adding there is still ample room for growth. Bent heralded the Gateway Commercial Park, which he said has 57 acres ready for development and is positioned to become a one-stop destination, as a key part of “the Town’s strong business portfolio.”

Opportunities span the town’s entire footprint, said the mayor.

“We understand that if more people move to Conception Bay South, the businesses will follow,” said Bent. “That’s why another key strategy for us in attracting new business is through continued population growth. Recent census data shows our town remains the second largest municipality in the province, with a 3.7 per cent increase in population and a 7.8 per cent increase in private dwellings since 2016. These impressive numbers demonstrate we’re absolutely a community of choice for both businesses and residents.”

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