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Town leases parking lot for Long Pond park

By Craig Westcott/January 6, 2022

The Town of CBS is looking at parking options for the new community park that is under construction behind Dominion Supermarket in Long Pond.

Recreation committee chairperson Shelley Moores asked her colleagues at the December 2 council meeting to approve a lease agreement has been reached with a nearby property owner for additional parking. The Ward 1 councilor did not identify the party or indicate if there is a cost to the Town for the use of the land.

“We are looking into other potential parking options as well,” Moores said.

“This parking area, councilor Moores, is just west of Bishop’s Road, I believe, along Route 60,” Mayor Darrin Bent noted. “And it opens up a large number of spaces that would be for the specific use of the park itself regardless of other parking in other areas. That’s a great addition. It’s good to see that we are adding parking there and it’s also good to see that we are continuing to look for other options as well to add to this. And of course our priority is not only to make it convenient – and I’ve walked this and I think it’s about 3.5 minutes if you are walking (to the park) – but to make it safe as well. So we’ll be looking at all these options and I appreciate the work of the committee on this, and it’s evolving work, it continues.”

Moores agreed the safety of residents is the priority.

The motion to approve the lease agreement passed unanimously.

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