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CBS council’s pay remains the same

CBS council has set its pay schedule for 2022.

Mayor Darrin Bent will receive $46,079.20 this year, while Deputy Mayor Andrea Gosse will be paid $32,084.72. Councilors, both the at-large and ward varieties, will each receive $30,142.40. 

Councilors are paid quarterly with their paydays being set as April 1, July 10, October 14 and December 8. 

The total paid to council will be $289,160, which is unchanged from last year.

Mayor Darrin Bent asked his colleagues if anyone wanted to comment on the motion to approve the pay before he called the vote, but received no takers. 

“Nobody wants to talk about this one?” said Bent, chuckling. “Well, okay. You guys don’t get paid enough is what I’m saying.”

The motion passed unanimously.

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