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‘If you see something, say something’ Holyrood councilor concerned by recent criminal behaviour

By Mark Squibb/December 30, 2021

Holyrood councilor Bruce King, chairman of the public safety committee, said that a recent string of vandalisms and thefts were a big topic in a recent committee meeting.

“This is the time of year now, Christmas, when people have to be extra careful,” said King during a committee report presented to council at the December 14 public meeting. “People are out there looking for money and they’ll take any opportunity whatsoever to take advantage of you turning your back for a few minutes, laying your purse down, leaving your car unlocked, anything like that, people will snap onto. In the military, we always use the phrase, ‘if you see something, say something.’ The RCMP are just up the hill, if you see somebody around your own house, or around your neighbor’s house, pick up the phone and call the RCMP.”

King didn’t give any further details as to the crimes being committed in town.

Back in late November, however, the Holyrood RCMP issued a notice that they, along with Clareville RCMP, were searching for two individuals suspected of a theft from the Orange Store on Liam Hickey Drive in Holyrood, as well as the Orange Store near Goobies.

The Holyrood RCMP received the report of the alleged theft from the Orange Store in Holyrood around 4:45 p.m. on November 21. The two individuals allegedly left the store with unpaid for items and drove off in a blue Honda Civic. Later that same evening, Clareville RCMP received a report of a theft from the Goobies store. Police believe the same pair, driving the same car, were responsible for that theft.

Further to the thefts and acts of vandalism, King said another concern of the public safety committee was speeding, which was also discussed at the committee meeting, particularly along Route 60 and Country Path, as well as other side roads.

“I live along Route 60, I walk Route 60 almost every morning, and it’s almost like Targa down there in the morning,” said King. “Kids are going to school, they’re on the sides of the road, they’re not paying attention to what they’re doing, they’re more interested in getting on the bus, or getting off the bus, but people seem to be in an awful hurry to go nowhere.”

King said that members of council will meet with the RCMP in the new year to discuss both issues.

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