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Carbonear council approves change order for water and sewer project

By Mark Squibb/December 23, 2021

Carbonear council has unanimously approved two change orders for the Highroad South Water and Sewer project.

One change order was simply to add an extra day to the project due to a delay caused by the discovery of an unknown buried manhole. There was no additional cost incurred for this change order.

The second change order did come with a price tag. Council had to pay $8,620 (HST included) for additional work that came as the result of encountering some aged infrastructure.

Both change orders were approved unanimously during the December 14 council meeting.,

The change orders were the fourth and fifth change orders issued in regard to the project,

The most recent change order to the project was approved in October at a cost of $15,360, HST included, and included the addition of a unit rate for the supply and placement of approximately 16m of culvert replacement required on Highroad South at the Janes Avenue intersection.

The water and sewer project was awarded to Black Diamond Construction in June 2021 at an initial contract cost of $721,510.

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