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Furey’s Lane still a head scratcher in Carbonear

By Mark Squibb/December 2, 2021

Is it or isn’t it?

That’s the question folks seem to have when it comes to whether Furey’s Lane is a one-way street or not.

“I’m a bit confused,” admitted councilor Ray Noel. “So, we’re saying that it’s not a one-way street? I always thought it used to be. There used to be a ‘One-Way Street’ sign there, and there’s a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign there right now.”

It was the second meeting in a row that council debated the lane’s status.

Director of Operations and Public Works Ian Farrell explained the Do Not Enter sign does not necessarily imply it’s a one-way street, it just means not to enter from that end of the street.

“When you’re on the street, you can exit from either direction,” said Farrell.

CAO Cynthia Davis said there was a concern once with a resident who was flagging traffic to inform them that they could drive in a particular direction, though she said that is not the case.

Council decided not to make any motions relating to the road. In other road news however, council did vote to create a new minor road.

“Where Buck’s Lane is a narrow right of way that accesses two to three properties, for practical purposes a 15-metre reservation cannot be provided,” said Deputy Mayor Sam Slade. “So, the resolve is to designate Buck’s Lane as a minor street, with a reservation of 10 metres, for the purpose of the development.”

The motion passed unanimously.

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