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Windmill Road tops Paradise wish list

By Mark Squibb/November 25, 2021

The Town of Paradise has applied for almost $9 million worth of 2022-2023 Municipal Infrastructure funding.

“Staff reviewed the list from previous years’ applications and updated the list based on strategic direction previously provided by councils and the criteria of eligible projects based on the funding program,” said councilor Elizabeth Laurie.

The list of eligible capital projects recommend by staff was discussed at the Infrastructure Engineering Services committee meeting, and then presented to council during the November 18 meeting.

The projects, listed in order of priority, are: water and sewer for Windmill Road and Bayview Heights (1.1 million), water and sewer for Carberry Place and Drover’s Road (2.2 millions), Kenmount Road upgrades Phase 1 (2.7 million), Diane Whalen Drive industrial bypass road (1.8 million) and Horse Cove Beach ($741,000).

The total amount of funding being requested is $8.8 million.

As the funding is cost-shared, the town’s share for the projects, if they were all approved, would be $2.7 million.

Council voted unanimously to submit the list to the provincial Department of Transportation and Infrastructure for approval.

Several of the projects were on last year’s request for funding submitted to the Investing in Canada Municipal Capital Works Funding. That list included the secondary treatment plant at a cost of $18.38 million, water and sewer services for Stephen’s Road and Neary’s Road at $2.87 million and for Windmill Road and Bayview Heights at $1.15 million, Kenmount Road upgrading for Phase 1 at $ 2.7 million, Evergreen Village Upgrade-Phase 2 at $3.2 million, and McNamara Bypass Road and Roundabout at Kenmount and McNamara at $1.95 million.

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