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Frank Roberts ‘passion projects’

November 25

Students in two Grade 9 classes at Frank Roberts Junior High are just finishing up “passion projects” that taught them not only the value of helping others and supporting worthy causes, but also the mechanics and practical skills required to make help happen. Some of the students and teachers involved include, starting in the back row, from left: Ava Porter, Brandon Lawrence, Ms. Charlene Collins, Kate Tippett, Jasmine O’Brien-Batten, Mackenzie Vey, Tianna Emberley, Haylee Frances, Emily Brooks, Ben Greeley, Ava Noftall, and Ms. Susan Corbett-Davis; and in the front, from left: Ava Sears, Alika Temple-Sutton, Amber Petten, Chase Rideout, Dakota Callan, Taylor Wright. Craig Westcott photo

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