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Farrell’s gets road sand contract in CBS

It’s met its purpose and served its time, so now the public works department at the Town of CBS is ready to hand it on to the highest bidder.

The “it” in this case being a 2010 Ford Cube Van, unit number 268 in the Town fleet. 

“The van comes from our water and sewer services division,” Ward 3 councilor Gerard Tilley, who chair’s council’s engineering and public works committee, told his colleagues last week. “So, we got 11 good years out of it and it’s time for it be disposed of.”

Council will sell the vehicle by tender.

The other half of the committee report was related to a more seasonal matter, one which Tilley half jokingly said he “dreaded.” That is the supply and delivery of road sand for the winter season. Farrell’s Excavating Limited is getting the contract at $18.92 per tonne, including taxes. Tilley didn’t say how many tonnes the Town expects to buy.

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