Bay Roberts tenders traffic lights for Sawdust Road

by Mark Squibb/November 11, 2021

Residents of Bay Roberts should expect a new set of traffic lights along the town’s busy main road in the coming year.

During the October 19 meeting, council voted to tender construction of a new set of traffic lights at the Sawdust Road and Conception Bay Highway intersection.

Councilor Dean Franey first raised the issue, saying he felt council should move as quick as possible on the matter.

“If we’re able to, we should probably get that tender process started so that we can start construction in the new year, in the spring,” said Franey.

Town CAO Nigel Black then gave a brief update to council.

“There is an extremely long delivery time on, not on all of the equipment, but the light standards, so at this point, and the point when we had the engineering done, it was too late to do it for this year,” explained Black.

He said the lights have been engineered, though it took a little longer than anticipated.

“So, the project is ready for tender, we can tender it now and have it ready for construction first thing this spring,” he said.

Franey asked if there was anything else that needs to be done before the tender goes out.

Black said there was no additional work needed, and the motion could be put to a vote right then and there if council so desired — which is just what happened. Franey made the motion, which was seconded by councilor Frank Deering and approved unanimously.

The installation of traffic lights was approved in the budget, and council hopes they will cut back on potentially dangerous left hand turns, calm traffic on the busy main road, and offer another place for pedestrians to safely cross the street.

Former traffic studies by the town did not warrant the installation of traffic lights at the Sawdust Road intersection.

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