CBS council issues permit to OCI to fill in part of Long Pond harbour

By staff/November 4, 2021

CBS council issued a permit Tuesday to Ocean Choice International to begin its infill of part of Long Pond harbour and to build a wharf and finger pier.

A council spokesperson said the issuing of the permit follows the recent decision of the Eastern Newfoundland Regional Appeal Board (ENRAB) that the Town acted appropriately in approving the OCI development earlier this year.

Council voted unanimously to approve a revised development application from Ocean Choice during a public council meeting on June 29. The approval was subject to several conditions that have since been met by OCI, the spokespersons said. The conditions required the receipt of federal and provincial regulatory approvals prior to construction.

Mayor Darrin Bent said the OCI development represents a $15-$20-million dollar investment in Conception Bay South, with significant economic spin-offs, including increased activity for local retailers and suppliers, an economic boost to the Long Pond Harbour Authority, and potential migration of current industry workers.

“This investment in Conception Bay South by Ocean Choice International, a thriving, locally owned and operated Newfoundland and Labrador company, speaks loudly that our Town is truly open for business, and is a key player in business attraction,” Bent said. “Investments from businesses, both big and small, play an important role for all residents of our town by increasing the commercial tax base, and shielding them from further tax burden. We vow to continue to make business attraction a priority.”

Ocean Choice now has the ability to start construction at anytime, and has engaged contractors to begin preliminary site investigation work over the coming weeks, which will likely involve the use of barges.

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