St. Anne’s Crescent to get patched for now

By Mark Squibb/October 28, 2021

While truckers and other workers will have to wait a little while longer for a full upgrade of St. Anne’s Crescent, Paradise council hopes to address some of the worst areas in the meantime.

The issue came up at the October 19 public meeting.

“Sections of St.  Anne’s Crescent are in poor shape due to a lack of drainage for the area,” said council Deborah Quilty, noting the matter had been discussed in an August committee meeting. “Resulting from that committee meeting, the mayor, the CAO, and the director of infrastructure and engineering and the director of public works met with the business owners to address their concerns, and the best short-term solution to alleviate the immediate concerns of the businesses was determined to be patch asphalt replacement in areas in the worst condition.”

Quilty said $100,000 was identified as an adequate amount to address the problem, given current funding sources.

But there is a little bit of a hang up —currently, there is not $100,000 in the road rehabilitation capital fund. There are, however, budgeted items in the road maintenance budget that are not expected to be completely utilized this fiscal year.

“Replacing this much asphalt would allow the road to be safely used as intended until a full upgrade can be budgeted,” said Quilty.

In an e-mail vote held earlier this month, council approved $100,000 in asphalt resurfacing in St. Anne’s Crescent to repair the areas in worst condition, and unanimously ratified that vote during the October 19 public meeting.

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