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Paradise adding to scope of work on McNamara

By Mark Squibb/October 28, 2021

Parents dropping off their kids at McNamara Drive can expect even more construction work over the coming weeks.

That’s because the Town is hoping to take care of some projects of its own.

The Province contracted Farrell’s Excavating to build a new traffic circle at the intersection of McNamara Drive and the road that leads to the new school at a cost of $2.3 million.

Councilor Deborah Quilty said the anticipated finish date is early November. “While this project is being completed by the province, the Town had budgeted funds for additional items outside the scope of the roundabout and access road construction, i.e. sidewalks on McNamara Drive, etcetera,” Quilty explained at last week’s council meeting. “In addition to the original items included in the tender, there were three areas in which town staff recommended adding to the existing scope.”

Firstly, the town had requested that the Province pave the temporary turning area at the end of the school access road for ease of snow clearing; the province, however, according to Quilty, declined. Town staff then asked Farrell’s Excavating for a quote, which came to $9,100, including HST, for a single layer of asphalt.

Secondly, with the realignment of the road to the school, access to a soccer field at Diane Whalen was reconfigured to be accessed from the school parking lot.

However, the asphalt of the parking lot does not meet up with the existing asphalt of the soccer field parking lot.

“This poses a snow clearing issue when transitioning between the gravel and the asphalt, so town staff ultimately requested a price to have this section of gravel paved,” said Quilty.

That price, again provided by Farrell’s Excavating, came in at $9,280, including HST.

Thirdly, during construction of the new access road to the school, the Town reached an agreement with the Carpenter’s Millwright College to allow access to the Diane Whalen soccer field through their parking lot.

“As part of the agreement, the Town agreed to reinstate the section of asphalt and curb near the back of their parking lot, which was altered to accommodate this,” said Quilty.

That price, again requested from Farrells, had not yet come in.

Quilty said the original budget for the Town’s portion of the work – some additional paving and curb repairs – was $450,000, but the contract came in at $359,000, leaving over $90,000 in the budget. The price of the three added items is expected to fall within that $90,000.

Quilty said the matter was not discussed in an infrastructure and engineering committee meeting due to time constraints.

Council voted unanimously to approve the additional work, with councilor Elizabeth Laurie arguing the Town likely scored a good price, as Farrell’s was already onsite.

Quilty, meanwhile, said she hopes the work will be completed before this year’s snowfall.

“Otherwise, we’re going to have a major mess on our hands,” she said.

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