A scary story courtesy of Admiral’s Academy

Students at Admiral’s Academy in Conception Bay South all helped contribute to a school-wide spooky story, finished just in time for Halloween. They were nice enough to let us print it here in whole. Enjoy!

It was a cool fall evening on October 31.  All was quiet at Admiral’s Academy … until the kindergartens saw a scary pumpkin and they were worried that it might be a monster.

They were afraid they might get eaten by the scary pumpkin, so they hid under their desks. They got back up and had to sneak around to try and catch the monster. They didn’t know it was a jack-o-lantern.

All of a sudden, the jack-o-lantern yelled “BOO!”

All the kindergartens screamed, jumped up, and ran back in the school.  When they turned around, they saw the jack-o-lantern running right for them. The jack-o-lantern let out a big sneeze, and seeds flew everywhere!  All the seeds flew on the children. The children let out a big scream, “Help!”

A green, scary zombie goblin appeared and said, “Leave those kindergartens alone!”

Then, howls started coming from the Grade 2 hallway. There was a werewolf on the loose.

The Grade 2 classes went into lockdown and sat quietly hoping the werewolf wouldn’t find them. But the Grade 2’s just smelled so delicious! The werewolf broke down the doors to Ms. Careen’s and Ms. Hamilton’s classes. The kids quickly pulled out their water bottles and sprayed the werewolf. They super-soaked him!

He quickly ran over to Ms. Coates’ class to dry himself off. To his surprise, the werewolf found more children with water bottles. He instantly tried to grab a water bottle that was left on the counter and tried to escape. Little did the werewolf know, but the sneaky Grade 2’s had put some silver paint in that water bottle.

A big howl echoed throughout the school as the werewolf escaped to his den. The Grade Three’s thought they were safe upstairs, until… the lights began to flicker, and they heard a wailing sound that got louder and louder, until it was outside their classrooms. The Grade 3’s froze in fear… Then, the lights went out. It was complete darkness! The window shattered and the Grade 3’s shrieked when they saw a glowing ghost creep in and float over their heads on it’s way to the door.

The ghost moaned as it eerily floated towards Ms. Hickey’s class. Behind the ghost, an angry werewolf covered in silver paint stomped into the classroom.

All the while, Ms. Ivey’s class was singing and dancing to “Spooky, Scary Skeletons.” They had no idea what was happening, until they heard a knock on the door, “thump, thump, thump.” A student answered the door to find a hoard of skeletons facing them. They slammed the door and kept on dancing.

The skeletons rattled their way down to Ms. Ellsworth’s class. They rapped on the door. No one answered. Nobody was there. So, they stumbled down the corridor. As they grew closer, Ms. Strickland sent her class and Ms. E’s class (who were in for a visit) to their lockers. They see the horde of skeletons headed their way. The Grade 5’s freeze. The leader of the skeletons crackled.

“Halt! We have an offer for you. We will set your whole school free if you can solve this riddle.”

The Grade 5’s asked the skeletons if they can get some help solving the riddle from the Grade 6’s.

The Grade 6’s were excited to lend a hand.

The riddle states, “A witch flies into town on Sunday. She stays for three days and leaves on Sunday. How is this possible?”

The Grade 6’s were confused, so the Grade 7’s came to the rescue! Tyson came out screaming the answer: “The broom’s name is Sunday!”

The werewolf started eating the skeletons one-by-one. They he ate the pumpkin. The pumpkin seeds were magical and turned the werewolf back into Mr. Barrington (the school principal), and he cancelled school until after Christmas!

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