Ghaney gracefully bows out

By Mark Squibb/October 7, 2021

Former Holyrood councilor and mayoral candidate Kimberly Ghaney admits that maybe, just maybe, if she knocked a few more doors, things may have been different.

“I didn’t have probably as much time as I needed to get out and knock on all the doors that I could of, so I kind of focused on the social media side of things to make up for that,” said Ghaney. “But ultimately, I wasn’t able to knock on as many doors as I needed. But the houses that I did get to, I had a lot of positive responses, people looking for change and people who actually said they already voted for me based on what they knew of me and the materials that I sent out.”

Ghaney, who had served two terms as councilor, said there was much support behind her decision to run for mayor.

“It was a really good experience,” said Ghaney. “I threw my hat into the ring for mayor for the first time. I had a great deal of support from people who encouraged me to do that. Many of the current councilors, and former councilors, supported me in that attempt to run for mayor. I have a great deal of commitment to our town, and I thought I could contribute even more as mayor.”

Ghaney earned 325 votes to Gary Goobie’s 741.

“Gary got out way ahead of me, and he’s a very well known and well-respected person and former mayor of course, and I think he definitely got the edge on me there, and I wasn’t able to make it up in the long run,” said Ghaney.

When asked if she might consider running for council again, Ghaney has a ‘never say never’ attitude.

“I’m going to take some time and give some thought to what my future holds,” said Ghaney. “I’ve been on council for eight years, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone at the town. I think it’s far too soon to say what I will do from here. But I’m really very committed to our town, and I have always been, and I will continue to be committed, even though I won’t be on council.”

Ghaney works full time with Eastern Health as a regional manager for virtual care, aside from parenting. It doesn’t leave her much spare time. “I did hear some comments, more than a few actually, wondering if I would be able to take on that time commitment, being a working mother,” said Ghaney, who pointed out she did find time to commit to council while serving as a councillor.

However, being freed from council duties, she hopes to spend more time hiking the province’s many trails.

“I do love being outside and I haven’t had a ton of time to do that, but just this weekend my sister and I hiked the Spout, which is a twenty six-and-a-half- kilometre trek through the East Coast Trail, which was a lot of fun and challenging and demanding,” said Ghaney. “So, I think I might take some time for myself and my family and enjoy the trails we have in this beautiful province.”

As per her platform, Ghaney would still like to see council create a community advisory committee to include residents in the town’s decision-making.

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