Gary Goobie once again mayor of Holyrood

By Mark Squibb/September 30, 2021

Less than a year after resigning as mayor of Holyrood, Gary Goobie is back in the mayor’s chair.

Goobie resigned in late January of 2021, saying he had lost confidence in the majority of councillors and some management staff. The messy split came following a number of controversies surrounding a brewery proposal.

Residents, however, welcomed Goobie back on Tuesday, casting 741 votes in his favour against 325 votes for former councillor Kim Ghaney.

“I’m feeling very pleased, very pleased,” said Goobie. “I worked hard in this election, I enjoyed it very much. I knocked on every door in the community and had a chance to speak with all the residents. I took notes of all their ideas and issues and concerns. I was encouraged by the response I received at the door, it was a very warm, very welcoming reception.”

Goobie said that over the last couple of months residents had been asking him if he would consider running again.

“So, I put out a flyer in the mailbox to all the residents, asking them basically for their guidance and direction and advice as to whether I should consider running for mayor again in this election,” he said.

When he received a positive response to his inquires, Goobie felt confident putting his name forward.

“A lot of people said they understand my decision to resign, and they really respected that,” said Goobie. “I heard that at many doors.”

He said a number of candidates had approached him and asked him to consider running.

“They said if I ran, they were in as well, so that tipped the scales for me more or less,” said Goobie.

He said one of his first orders of business is to meet with council, particular the newly acclaimed members, and discuss their vision for the town.

He said following that will be meetings with staff and the town planner. He would also like to set up a meeting with Municipal Affairs to explain the ins and outs of the Municipalities Act, especially for the benefit of the new councillors.

Goobie extended his best wishes to fellow candidate Ghaney. She was unavailable for comment Tuesday night.

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