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It was 31 years in the making, but the Baymen rugby team finally captured the elusive Goodyear Cup this month in a fiercely-fought contest against the Dogs of St. John’s. The Baymen came back from an 8-0 deficit to tame the Dogs 15-11. The Baymen club was founded in 1990 but didn’t enter senior men’s play until 2007. Their home field is local at Sgt. Ned Nugent’s Park in Kelligrews. With 10 minutes left in the championship game, the score stood at 11-10 in favour of the Dogs, but the Baymen managed to throw off an attack and push for another try with Mitchell Hatcher pushing the ball across the line on the wing. That set the Dogs barking mad to regain the lead in the final minutes, but to no avail. As Baymen stalwart Bob Neville commented from the sideline, “It was not pretty but we will take it.” In photo above Robbie Stapleton of the Baymen fends off a pursuing Dog in action that was typical of the game. The other members of the Baymen squad include: Corey Stanley, Sam Penney, Mark Penney, Phil Alcock, Paddy Dalton, Alex Wiscombe, Ben Newhook Tony Pomroy, Ryan Farrell, Michael Pittman, Jason Picco, Sam Newhook, Mitchell Hatcher, Doug Perry, and subs Josh Totten, Jeff Hookey, Ryan Goodyear, Michael Holloway, Chris MacEachren, Joey Pittman, Noah Parsons, Sam Davies, James Locke, Braedon Ford, George Cooper, Justin Gregory, Thomas Howell, Matthew Benoit, Andrew Hatcher, Shane Newman, Kyle Stanley, Carter Hemeon Gill, Garrett Cullen, Grant Sigfried, Wes Alyward, Robbie Redmond, Jerry Collins, Nick Ridgley, Paul Madden, Robert Nugent, Brian Hiscock, Mason Farrell, Jordan Harpaul, Oliver Sheppard, Kyle Rice, and Matthew Hillier. The team’s staff includes Basil Crosbie, Bob Neville, and Andrew Squires.

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