Council calls tender on lights for two dangerous crossings

By Mark Squibb/September 9, 2021

The Town of Conception Bay South has called a tender for the provision of pedestrian activated traffic lights at two crosswalks along the busy Route 60 highway.

One of the pedestrian activated lights will be at the Easons Road crosswalk right next to the Manuels River Interpretation Centre.

A dash cam video that showed a close call at the intersection months back sparked an outcry and a demand for traffic lights at the crosswalk.

In response, council installed traffic calming measures, such as signage in an attempt to temporarily address the issue.

Previously, the Town had hired Harbourside Transportation Consultants to complete an engineering design for the pedestrian activated traffic signal at a cost of $13,970 plus HST. That pedestrian activated traffic light was recommended by Harbourside following an assessment of the area.

The town will also install pedestrian activated lights at Perrin’s Road, which is near St. George’s Elementary.

Ward 3 councillor Gerard Tilley, who chairs council’s public works committee, noted that by completing both crosswalks under the same contract, the Town will save money than if it had tendered the projects separately.

Tilley said it will be the spring of 2022 before work begins, although the tender will be awarded later this fall.

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