Bent rails against dirt bikes on CBS trails

By Mark Squibb/August 26, 2021

Years after Conception Bay South voted to designate the town’s portion of the provincial T’Railway as non-motorized, councilor Darrin Bent said that folks out walking the trails are still coming up against ATVs and dirt bikes.

During the August 17 council meeting, Bent said many residents have contacted him about dirt bikes and ATVs being on the T’railway in the past months.

“There seems to be an increasing, illegal is one of the words you could use because it’s certainly not allowed, use of dirt bikes the on the walking T’railway throughout the community, certainly in Chamberlains through Long Pond area and even further west than that,” he said.

Bent said council will ask the RNC and its own enforcement officer to try and curb the use of vehicles on the paths.

“There are people out there, families out there, and young children, walking and they’re not expecting, motorized vehicles to be coming along the T’railway,” Bent said. “They’re not supposed to be there anyway. And of course, we don’t want to see anybody injured in this situation.”

Bent also said he has heard many complaints from residents in recent months about speeding.

“It seems to be that the better the weather is, the faster everyone goes, and of course that’s a concern for all areas of the town,” he said, adding that council has spent quite a bit of money on traffic calming measures over the past four years, and will likely have to continue to do so.

“Which is unfortunate, as we’re using tax dollars to try to slow down taxpayers, and it’s too bad we have to spend the money to do that, but we have to do it for safety reasons.”

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