Paradise orders dilapidated properties be demolished

by Chris Lewis/August 19, 2021

Two Paradise properties deemed unsafe will soon be a thing of the past.

Councillor Sterling Willis brought the topic to the council chambers during the August 17 council meeting, acknowledging that councillors around the table would have plenty to say about the properties in question given how long they have been an issue for the Town.

The first property, at 1766 Topsail Road, said Willis, is in “unsafe condition.”

An order was issued requiring the demolition of the structure on that property, as well as the removal of all demolition debris.

Councillor Kimberley Street said she was happy to see the order that night, stating the property had been discussed at nearly every meeting of the Town’s planning committee that she had attended.

“It’s been in deplorable condition for quite some time,” she said. “Residents in the area have had concerns about it for years now.”

Councillor Allan English echoed those thoughts, but said his delight was mixed with a little surprise to finally see this order come through.

A similar discussion was held about a nearby property at 1764 Topsail Road.

Regarding that property, Willis said there had been some fill material placed there, which has been left in a condition that “does not enhance the general appearance of the area.”

This property was also met with a removal order.

Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Laurie said both properties had been the source of complaints for a number of years, and she understood that although these orders were being placed, there was still a process that needed to be carried out.

“If they don’t comply with these orders, what’s the next step?” Laurie questioned.

To that, Mayor Dan Bobbett said if that were the case, the Town would take legal action, noting that they have done so in the past.

It was also explained by the Town’s Director of Planning and Protective Services, Alton Glenn, that the property owners do have the option to appeal the orders.

Bobbett said the condition of the properties have been an ongoing issue that needed to be dealt with.

“Sometimes, you’ve got to take the big stick out and get stuff done,” said Bobbett. “In this case, that’s what probably will happen … This has been ongoing for many years, prior to this council even. We’re prepared to deal with it, and that’s why these orders are being issued.”

Both motions by Willis carried unanimously.

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