Bevy of arts and heritage groups divvy up $3M in provincial funding

By Staff/August 19, 2021

Everything from the Colony of Avalon in Ferryland to the Bay Roberts Heritage Society were among the recipients last week of $3 million in provincial government arts and heritage funding that was announced by Tourism Minister Steve Crocker during visit to Corner Brook.

Crocker, who is the MHA for the district of Carbonear – Bay de Verde, said the money is meant to improve economic opportunities for professional artists, encourage sustainable arts and heritage activities and organizations, develop a diversity of cultural products, and support growth of the cultural tourism industry.
Funding for the groups fell under several different components of the program. In one segment, Perchance Theatre in Cupids is getting $40,000 to support its activities over the course of the next fiscal year. The Southern Shore Shamrock Festival in Ferryland is getting $5,000.
Under a funding component for heritage groups, the following amounts were awarded to organizations with the coverage area of The Shoreline News:
Admiralty House Museum and Archives Inc., $9,770
Baccalieu Trail Heritage Corporation, $26,420
Bay de Verde Heritage Committee, $5,720
Bay Roberts Heritage Society Inc., $2,490
Brigus Historical and Conservation Society, $2,270
Carbonear Heritage Society, $5,960
Colony of Avalon, Ferryland, $70,940
Conception Bay Museum, Harbour Grace, $2,120
Cupids Legacy Centre, $32,960
Ferryland Historical Society, $ 2,210
Fisherman’s Museum St. Vincent’s, $1,000
Flambro Head Heritage Society, $1,000
Heritage New Perlican, $1,000
Mistaken Point Cape Race Heritage, $15,360
Municipality of Spaniard’s Bay Heritage Society, $360
Old Perlican Heritage Committee, $1,000
Petty Harbour Maddox Cove Heritage Museum Association, $1,000
Placentia Area Historical Society, $2,980
South Dildo Whaling and Sealing Museum, $1,000
Whitbourne Heritage Society, $1,000
Whiteway Heritage Society, $1,000
Witless Bay Heritage Committee, $1,000

The Conception Museum in Harbour Grace is also getting a $14,760 Heritage Project Grant for its Aviation in Harbor Grace (1919-Present) exhibit.

Fishing For Success in Petty Harbour is getting the same type of grant, in the amount of $5,000, for a soundwalk interactive phone app.
The Ferryland Historical Society is getting a $6,200 Heritage Project Grant to digitize its collections.

The Colony of Avalon, meanwhile, will get an additional $16,920 in Heritage Sector Funding, while the Cupids Legacy Centre will receive $7,860 under the same program.

“It is wonderful to see this funding being distributed to so many arts and heritage organizations this year,” said Crocker. “Our investment in these groups demonstrates our commitment to growing and developing the cultural sector in communities across the province and sustaining our creative talent.”

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