Carbonear approves public works

By Mark Squibb | July 29, 2021

During the July 14 meeting, council approved two new street upgrade projects.

The first involves Multi Year Capital Works funding for the Adelaide Street water, sewer and storm sewer upgrades, budgeted at $1.19 million. The Town’s share of that cost is $184,829 with the province borrowing to pay the rest.

Council also awarded the Street Upgrading & Paving 2021 Project contract to lowest bidder Concord Paving Limited in the amount of $344,374 HST included, on the recommendation of engineering consultant Harris & Associates.

That contract includes Nicholl Place, Pondside Hill, Winter Place, Osmond’s Lane, the bottom of Burnt Head Road, King’s Hill, the bottom of Bunker’s Hill, Saddle Hill and Forest Road to Fortune Road.

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